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Iron Orchid Designs Laurel Relief Plaque Gallery Wall project Free Extras!

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These are the Iron Orchid Design products you will need  for your Gallery Wall Laurel Relief Plaque.  One click and all the items will head your way. If you don't need all the items you can still purchase individual products under the Iron Orchid Design categories. Other projects will have separate listings on our website. Watch the video to see how to get started. 

This includes:

1- Iron Orchid Design Air Dry Clay

1- Kindest Regards Decor Stamp

1- Laurel Decor Mould 

1- Brush-Free

1- Container of cornstarch-Free

1- Container of Tite Bond Quick and Tite glue-sample size- Free

You will still need White chalk type paint, glaze- can be made with burnt umber paint and water or other glaze medium, a wall hanger, and the board from the Wall Gallery template. Please watch the video above for all the information on how to make this neat decor plaque.